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Xtra therapy products



Relieve your joint and muscle pain thanks to magnetic therapy.

We are proud to have added a wide range of magnetic therapy products to help you get a good night's sleep, maintain or regain your overall wellbeing and to relieve joint pain.

Magnet therapy can work wonders for your health as is shown by new studies which list positive clinical trials on chronic, post-surgery and musculoskeletal pains as well as arthritis, osteoporosis, cicatrization, oedema and inflammation. These different studies corroborate what thousands of people have already seen for themselves for decades !


  • 2 hematite health magnets 2 hematite health magnets £7.90 more info
  • Hematite health balls Hematite health balls £8.50 more info
  • Magnetic Mouse Pad Magnetic Mouse Pad £15.90 more info
  • Magnetic Wrist Rest Keyboard Pad Magnetic Wrist Rest Keyboard Pad £17.90 more info
  • Magnetic Carpal Tunnel Bandage Magnetic Carpal Tunnel Bandage £22.90 more info
  • Magnetic Pillow Insert Pad Magnetic Pillow Insert Pad £41.90 more info
  • Magnetic Seat Cover Cushion Magnetic Seat Cover Cushion £53.90 more info

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