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Concerned about your home cordless phone and the children?

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Magnetic Mouse Pad

Increased wrist support : relieves pressure and provides comfort

Nowadays computers take part of our life and some of us are spending a lot of time in front of them. The micro-movements generate new musculoskeletal troubles. To remedy this problem, Auris® proposes you this magnetic mouse pad.
Model with soft gel built-in wrist rest support. The continuous magnetic field provided by the neodymium magnets provides protection againts the electromagnetic waves of WIFI. Smooth black lycra cover and nonskid base make this model exclusive. Try it now; your wrist will say thank you to you ! Do not rest your elbow on the wrist support.

Magnetic soft-gel mouse pad with 3 neodymium magnets ø 1" (25 mm)

Price: £15.90

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