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Magnetic Carpal Tunnel Bandage

Your partner to help carpal tunnel syndrome

When the tissues in the carpal tunnel, like the ligaments and the tendons swell and become inflamed, they put pressure on the median nerve causing numbness and hand pain. Because this problem affects so many of you, Auris® has developed this magnetic bandage. 4 powerful neodymium therapy magnets integrated in the Wondermag® magnetic carpal tunnel band help regain the full use of your hand. Easy-to-put-on hook loop fastening system.

Includes 4 neodymium magnets, ø 0,8" (20 mm), remanence 12 200 Gauss. Neoprene band, length 13" (33 cm), width 2,4" (6 cm). Hook-loop fastener. Hand washable at 30°C.

Price: £22.90

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