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Concerned about your home cordless phone and the children?

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About Us

We are a specialist company with two hands-on directors who both have a particular interest in electromagnetism and its influence on human behaviour.

Derick Lattimer's professional background in engineering combined with his active involvement in various sports highlighted how, under certain conditions, stress affected performance which pointed to the underlying phenomena of electromagnetism and its effect on the neurological system.  As a result of subsequent investigation into biophysical reactions a formulated natural crystalline composite with resonant characteristics was scientifically designed to react favourably on man-made electromagnetism.  The Shields were born and have proved very successful as eveidence by tests and testimonials.

Alan Lewin fortuitously stumbled on the Shields after having been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease years earlier, which he is convinced had been caused by many years use of mobile phones in business.  Although too late for the Shields to have cured this unpleasant condition, they were found to have a noticeable beneficial effect on many of the symptoms.  Alan's curiosity led him to witness how the Shields were helping others who were experiencing the early effects of electromagnetism whilst using mobile phones and / or laptops and this in turn led him to invest in the company and help promote the benefits of the Shields.  The exponential growth of mobile phones, and now wi-fi, and the noticeable surge in people's sensitivity to the increase in electromagnetism levels permeating the environment is of great concern to Alan; as a grandfather frustrated by so much indifference to the possible insidious effect of electromagnetism on our younger people, he is passionate about promoting the proven benefits of the Shields in the hope that they will play their part as an essential safety accessory for everyone.     

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